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This is a very nice series. Like others have mentioned, the little guy plugging his ears is a beauty. What a great looking festival.


Tena koe ehoa
The image of the boy is my fav. "WOW Dad look at that"! The fingers in the ears is a fantastic capture of momentary expressiveness, "It's too loud, but WOW". Sorry I haven't returned the email I spoke about I hope to have some time free on my day off and I'll devote much of that time to that email to you.


Good evening Sidney, Thx for posting again in mistral. This is my favorite in this serie, that's the true. I really love your portraits in fact. ;-)

Kiss My Mike

I like the child's expression...


Hehehe! Galing ng shot. It seems those dragons were breathing of smoke. Nice coverage of the chinese new year. Hope to catch it next year.


When does the festival finish? ... what a noise! ... :o))


I love the child's expression. Another Sidney moment :).


such a festive time - captured well


Great action photos of the dragon and love the little kid.

Eric at Paris Daily Photo

I agree, sometimes the best picture isn't the subject itself, but the something nearby. The child with his fingers in his ears tells all!


Bravo for going near the firecrackers! Great dragon shots.


Great continuity of the moment captured. I have never seen dragon dancers in person, it looks like it is a fun event to watch. Very vibrant all around. later on/

Matt Greco

Cool shots! I especially like the last one. I think this boy's expression gives a better feel of the event than any direct pictures of fireworks would.

Dr Emer

Wow! You went to Chinatown to see the celebrations. I wanted to go too but my schedule was filled up. Great pictures! I love the last one. Pure, raw, innocent. :)

Chris Vallancourt

That looks noisy!


he is so cute..he didn't look scared at all( the firecracker must be so loud)..he looks excited to see what happen there?...i can see from his eyes...also great capture the two lion dancing..kinda fun:-)


Poor kid. Reminds me of my childhood when my parents took me to the fireworks in Ostend. Some wiseguys thought it was fun to be throwing firecrackers around. Have hated the damn things ever since. But I guess Chinese New Year just isn't Chinese New Year without them, right?


oh that must have been loud, great image of the little boy

David Kapp

I'm hoping to catch some great action like this tomorrow at our Chinese New Year Day parade. So far my Chinese New Year images have been weak and disappointing. Great series.


I like the little boy with his fingers in his ears. Very cute.

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